Meet the Fall Preview Mod Squad: Jennifer Puno

Jennifer Puno, world traveler extraordinaire, lover of beautiful places + things, is at the center of LA’s creative digital revolution.


After spending some time with her at Modernism Week in February, we just knew we’d need to add Jennifer Puno to the Mod Squad roster – her creative perspective, digital inclinations and Insta-expertise make her an ideal candidate!

A creator, digital designer, and entrepreneur at heart, Jennifer Puno is the founder of Made With Map —an online platform that celebrates people and their journeys. She also founded ilovecreatives, a digital classifieds website connecting talented individuals in the creative community.

You can find her in Iceland making Star Trek gifs, out and about collaborating with other creatives, or in downtown LA on the hunt for the city’s best food. And in October, Palm Springs! Follow her adventures at @punodostres.