ModernismWeek@Sea Special Pricing Ends October 29

This Baltic cruise will offer opportunities to see stunning modernist architecture in culturally significant Northern European ports.

Modernism Week, which partnered with Oceania Cruises to offer the second ModernismWeek@Sea cruise, has announced that the special pricing for the cruise will end on Friday, October 29, 2021. Passengers wishing to experience this one-of-a-kind architecture-themed ocean cruise along the spectacular Baltic coast on Oceania’s luxury cruise ship Marina must reserve their staterooms by October 29 to lock in the special rates. A limited number of staterooms with a veranda start at $6,509 per person and includes cruise accommodations, flights, gratuities, and participation in special Modernism Week events. In addition, ModernismWeek@Sea guests may choose to enjoy six complementary scheduled excursions, or receive $600 on-board spending credit, or take advantage of the alcohol package which includes wine and beer at lunch and dinner. When the special pricing offer ends on October 29, guests may still reserve staterooms but will no longer be able to take advantage of the current special rate.

The 12-day luxury cruise will visit seven culturally significant ports in the Baltic region that demonstrate how modern influences in architecture and design have been artfully folded into these sometimes-ancient cities. Departing London, England on July 9, the cruise will take passengers on a historic journey across Germany, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland and Russia, and will end in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 21. On the cruise, ModernismWeek@Sea participants will receive a rare, insiders-view of the Baltic region’s modernist architecture and will be able to enjoy special Modernism Week-curated parties and tours.

Modernism Week is delighted to partner with Oceania again to offer another ModernismWeek@Sea excursion. Oceania has developed an exciting, custom-curated Baltic coast experience that we know will appeal to modernists. We are excited about this amazing and unique experience.

– Lisa Vossler Smith, Modernism Week Executive Director

One of the highlights of the ModernismWeek@Sea cruise will be an optional tour in Helsinki to visit architect Alvar Aalto’s studio and house. The Aalto House, completed in 1936, is a classic example of this noted designer and architect’s style that embraced individual expression, uniqueness of design and uncharted experimentation.

In addition to participating in a rich array of optional port excursions offered by Oceania Cruises, ModernismWeek@Sea participants will be able to enjoy several complimentary private events specially organized for the group including “Bevvies on the Baltic,” “Summer Soirée,” and the “From Russia with Love – Vodka Martini Party” hosted by Vossler Smith.

Other complimentary ModernismWeek@Sea events include a “Mod Bites” hands-on cooking class that will showcase favorite midcentury hors d’oeuvres of the era. An on-board highlight will be an exclusive dinner limited to 24 guests in the extravagant “La Reserve by Wine Spectator” dining room hosted by Lisa Vossler Smith. Oceania has partnered with France’s esteemed Moët & Chandon to create the Dom Pérignon Experience at La Reserve, an exuberant six-course gustatory indulgence that pairs each course with a special Dom Pérignon vintage. 

ModernismWeek@Sea is an enriching custom-curated travel experience centered around, architecture, art, and culture. Anyone is welcome to join, but must book into the group through TravelStore in order to participate in the ModernismWeek@Sea exclusive events.

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