Fast Forward: Designing the Future of Palm Springs

Photo credit: Jake Holt

This online conference is designed to raise community awareness of the importance of ensuring Palm Springs’ international legacy of architectural excellence. The comprehensive day-long symposium will feature thoughtful discussion by a stellar panel of speakers and develop recommendations for a checklist of design principles and guidelines for developers and architects as they seek to design and build new structures in Palm Springs. There will be as many as 20 speakers who are notable in their respective fields.

Organized by members of the Palm Springs Architectural Alliance, “Fast Forward: Designing the Future of Palm Springs” is part one of a two-part conference designed to present innovations around moderate income and homeless housing solutions, developing successful city design guidelines and panel discussions exploring conflicts among developers, designers, architects, city government officials and preservationists.

The first part of the symposium will bring together city government, architects, preservationists, developers and entrepreneurs to express their viewpoints and arrive at a strategy for creating design guidelines. The second part of the conference will take place during Modernism Week in February 2021 and will explore more design and building innovations, nationally recognized speakers, and highlight new and sustainable projects being built in Palm Springs by local architects. The complete list of participants and speakers will be announced soon.

Fast Forward: Designing the Future of Palm Springs
6 hours (3 segments) /$25

This event will be available as a part of the Modernism Week Fall Preview Online Experience starting October 15, 2020 at noon PDT at