Neighborhood Highlight: Movie Colony

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With the luxurious El Mirador as its centerpiece, The Movie Colony was developed in the 1930s and 1940s. This tranquil neighborhood is named for the Hollywood stars who called it home, including Cary Grant, Dinah Shore, Van Johnson, Tony Curtis, Gloria Swanson, and Jack Benny.

Located in central Palm Springs, The Movie Colony is comprised of approximately 170 homes, two parks (Ruth Hardy Park and The Wellness Park), and four hotels (The Colony Palms, The Movie Colony Hotel, El Mirasol, and Triada). Residences designed by renowned Modernist architects such as E. Stewart Williams, William Cody, and Donald Wexler can also be found here.

Frank Sinatra made it “his” neighborhood in the 1950s when his Twin Palms Estate became party central. A visual feast of iconic architecture – ranging from Spanish Colonial Revival style to classic Midcentury Modern – can be enjoyed during Fall Preview on the Frank Sinatra’s Neighborhood: The Movie Colony tour, presented by the Palm Springs Historical Society.

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