Alexander Girard and Herman Miller and their Uncommon Vision

Alexander Girard’s grandchildren talk about their grandfather’s prolific work and the future of the Girard Studio.

From beautiful coffee table books, to textiles, children’s books, and all manner of modern day object, Alexander Girard’s artistry is unmistakable.   “Sandro” as he was known to friends, was a trained architect who turned his talents instead towards industrial design, creating some of the world’s most iconic textiles, interiors, graphics, furniture, and created some of the most iconic images of the period.


After he joined Herman Miller in 1962, he and fellow designers George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames helped shape what we today know as modern design.  Today, the Girard Studio continues the midcentury master’s legacy, re-issuing archival designs and telling his story in new and compelling ways.

Textile & Objects Showroom, aka “T&O”, NYC, Herman Miller, 1961 -Eames furniture

Join Herman Miller Global Brand Director Sam Grawe and Corporate Archivist Amy Auscherman for a comprehensive overview of Girard’s work for Herman Miller,  from the short-lived Textiles & Objects showroom in NY (1961) to the total re-design for Branff Airlines (1967), and much more.  Their presentation will be followed by a conversation with grandchildren Aleishall Girard-Maxon and Kori Girard about the work of Girard Studio.

Purchase tickets to Uncommon Vision: Alexander Girard and Herman Miller in advance.  Stay for a reception in the beautiful Meyerman Sculpture Garden at the Palm Springs Art Museum.