Meet the 2017 Mod Squad

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Modernism Week’s Mod Squad is a hand-picked group of inspiring designers, bloggers, creatives, and more, tasked with the mission of capturing Modernism Week through their eyes. 

Each week leading up to Modernism Week, meet the 2017 Mod Squad as they take over our Instagram feed (@modernism_week) for a day to share their perspectives on modernism. Click the gallery above to see what they shared!

Follow along here 👉 #PSModSquad 👈 as they go behind the scenes to give an insider’s look during the February festivities.

2017 Mod Squad

  • Allan Torp, @bungalow5dk
  • Kirsten Grove, @simplygrove
  • Laura Tully, @seelaurastyle
  • Jennifer Chong, @jchongstudio
  • Taylor & Elaine, @localwanderer
  • Stephen Kenn, @stephenkenn
  • Jayden + Caroline Lee, @teamwoodnote
  • Megan McKean, @meganmckean
  • Gregory Han, @designmilk
  • Melissa Sonico, @melissasonico