Meet the Mod Squad: Alec Leibsohn

Get to know our Modernism Week 2023 Mod Squad, photographer Alec Leibsohn.

Modernism Week is just around the corner, and we’re excited to welcome a new Mod Squad to take us behind the scenes of the ultimate celebration of midcentury architecture, design, culture, and more. Over the next few days, we’ll be introducing each member on Instagram.

Today’s Mod Squad is Alec Leibsohn, whose film lens captures unique buildings and landscapes that evoke both inspiration and nostalgia.

In his career, Alec works for a social impact and design consultancy, with a specific focus on education. Alec also DJs under the name Aquatic Ambiance. His many passions all swirl together with the goal of telling a story through art.

The Seattle-based creative favors 35mm and 120 film to capture his work, inspired by architecture and scenery from bygone eras; whether it’s elegantly preserved or decrepit and forgotten. As an amateur film buff, he is also inspired by movies from all eras – on his Instagram account, he caption photos with movie titles that capture their essence. He is particularly inspired by the architecture that shows up in the works of directors like Wong Kar-wai, Edward Yang, Andrea Arnold, Claire Denis, as well as cinematographer Roger Deakins and film designer Syd Mead.

Read on to see what “modernism” means to Alec.

AL: “Here’s an unconventional look at the Palm Springs Visitor Center, combining the landmark architecture stop with the signature Palm Springs flower: the bougainvillea.”

AL: “This is my favorite shot I got at the Sunnylands estate. The soft pastels capture the mood of the grounds, and the depth really highlights just how expansive they are.”

AL: “I really love the red color pop here, and how it feels like an old car magazine ad.”

AL: “The now famous Trixie Motel, formerly the Coral Sands. I captured this photo just before the show aired, and was happily surprised to find out who was behind the redesign!”

Follow Alec at @alec.leib for more design inspiration during Modernism Week 2023.

Images courtesy of Alec Leibsohn