Meet the Mod Squad: Natalie Wong

Modernism Week – October is just around the corner (October 19-22), and we’re excited to welcome a new Mod Squad to take us behind the scenes of the ultimate celebration of midcentury architecture, design, culture, and more.

Last, but certainly not least, we’re excited to welcome part-time decorator and full-time vintage enthusiast Natalie Wong to join us in Palm Springs this month!

Natalie Wong is an interior stylist, content creator, vintage enthusiast, and proud owner of a Hollywood Regency–inspired apartment based in Los Angeles.

She’s passionate about using vintage and secondhand decor elements in her designs, and has traveled the world visiting thrift shops, flea markets and antique malls. Follow along in her decor journeys at

Read on to see what “modernism” means to Natalie.

NW: “Designed by Welton Beckett Associates, the iconic Capitol Records building in Hollywood was completed in 1956 and considered the ‘world’s first circular office building.’ This is modernism in the form of Googie architecture: the building coincidentally resembles a stack of records on a turntable with a spindle. While records might be a symbol of the past, passing this landmark reminds me how the music industry continues to modernize, evolve and adapt for its consumers and music enthusiasts.”

NW: “Located near Joshua Tree, the Integratron was built in the late 1950s by aircraft mechanic and ufologist George Van Tassel who claimed the structure was capable of time travel and human cell rejuvenation. If this wasn’t intended to be the purest form of ‘modern’ design, then I don’t know what is! Today, it’s used as a sound bath and I had the pleasure of experiencing it several years ago with, admittedly, aspirations of rejuvenating my own cells.”

NW: “Quintessential Palm Springs! The House of Tomorrow is located in the historic Vista Las Palmas neighborhood, and is where Elvis and Priscilla Presley famously honeymooned in 1967. Built in 1960 by architect William Krisel – known for his modernist designs – the unique home features four interconnected circular pods and a bedroom with 270-degree views outside. Like many others from her generation, my mother is a huge Elvis Presley fan. After visiting both the House of Tomorrow and Graceland, I still marvel at the impact this man had on people back then and to this day.”

Follow Natalie at @lagirl310 for more design inspiration during Modernism Week – October 2023.

Images courtesy of Natalie Wong.