Rooster and the Pig: Why You No Eat Here?

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Tai Spendley’s new Vietnamese beer bar is a foodie’s Shangri-la in the desert.

Like all things great, Spendley’s debut restaurant is all about balance.  The Rooster likes to be in charge, the Pig likes to execute the details. Tucked away in the corner of a strip mall, this diminutive beer bar and family-style eatery is understated and simple.  From the plywood tables to the newspapers and posters on the wall to the tongue and cheek references (“you likey my summer roll?”), this upbeat little gem is Palm Springs best not-so-secret spot.  Dishes are portioned to encourage ordering a variety of items for the table to share.  And it’s the only place in town you can grab a nice cold Hitachino Nest.  

Our advice?  Go early.  Eat everything. Vô (that means CHEERS)!