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The Vintage Trailer Show is a love letter to the American road trip.  

Image: House Beautiful
Image: House Beautiful

Years ago, the Vintage Trailer Show started with a mere eight travel trailers from a few local devotees.  When it opens tomorrow, the show will feature 60 vintage trailers from all over the West Coast; from as away as Texas and the Canadian border.

Vintage travel trailers are an iconic piece of American history and their popularity continues among travelers and collectors today. They first appeared in North America in the early 1920’s and quickly rose to fame as more and more people were taking to the roads.  They allowed travelers to explore while maintaining the safety and luxury of a cozy home on wheels wherever their journeys took them, a quintessentially American travel experience.  By the 1950’s, travel trailers were the most recognizable shape on the road and their popularity still holds strong today.

Show organizer Mona Heath gave us the lowdown on what to look for this year.  “There are a lot of smaller trailers.  Also look for some really cool custom modifications, rebuilds of late 50s trailers that will blow your mind.  We’re just happy to see such a diverse collection of people and trailers.”

For fans of the iconic Airstreams, Heath confirms that there will be more of the bean shaped trailers that revolutionized the road trip.

Tickets are still available.  Stop by CAMP to snag your tickets. The Vintage Trailer Show runs Saturday (10am to 4pm) and Sunday (10am to 3pm) on the Hilton Hotel parking lot.