What You Need to Know About the Bus Tours

The Bus Tours are THE way to familiarize yourself with the Palm Springs and tickets go fast. Read on to see which tour may be best for you!


Premier Double Decker Architectural Bus Tour

If there was a class called Palm Springs Architecture 101, this would be it. You and about 50 other “classmates” will ride the top side of the bus, while listening to your cool and witty guide-professor. Don’t forget the hat and sunblock, because the sun will be out!

Tickets for February 19-25 are still available. Tour times vary. $95


Illuminated Modern Sunset Bus Tour

After spending a day out and about in the sun, this evening tour will be nice way to ease into the night, enjoying the desert sunset while learning about the most iconic building facades along Palm Canyon Drive.

Tickets for February 23-24 are still available | 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm | $50


Palm Desert Double Decker Architectural Bus Tour

This tour will take you beyond Palm Springs to Palm Desert to see a slew of treasured homes and even the College of the Desert designed by renown architects. After this 3 hour tour, you’ll undoubtedly be a desert modernist pro.

Tickets for February 22 are still available | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | $85