Where to Get the Best Coffee in Palm Springs

We checked in with four dapper tastemakers to see where they go to get their caffeine fix.


For some of us, coffee is more of a ritual and a way of life than a mere beverage.  Whether nitro cold brews or draft lattes are your obsession, visitors can rest assured that they don’t have to go far in Palm Springs to find good beans and hot brews.  Whether it’s frothy and fancy, or straight up and black, Palm Springs has the goods.  We asked a few busy Palm Springs tastemakers where they like to head for their morning (or afternoon) java.

Brooks Hudson Thomas
Brooks Hudson Thomas, Design Expert, Special Projects Manager at Paul Kaplan Studio

“I’m equally fond of Koffi and Ernest Coffee. I always get a large black iced coffee, even when its cold out. I love the sweet and fruity cold brew at Koffi and the Stumptown beans at Ernest make an excellent and refreshing treat anytime of day.”

Christopher Kennedy, celebrity interior designer, furniture designer, and tastemaker.

“For coffee, I love Ristretto near my studio.  They also happen to have great breakfast dishes too.”

Chris Mobley
Chris Mobley, Modernism Week Chairman, Just Modern storeowner

“It was Espresso Cielo, but they closed.  Now, it’s Townie Bagels.  My fave: large coffee and toasted everything bagel with cream cheese.  Breakfast of champions.”

Phillip K. Smith, III, artist

“”Koffi…all the time, when I’m near one. For years, I worked in Indio…where there’s zero coffee selection. So, when I had a meeting in Palm Springs, I would always stop at Koffi. Now with the Rancho Mirage location, it’s closer to home. Latte Freeze is my indulgence, but I buy their Espresso beans so I can bring the Koffi taste home.”