How to Revive Retro with Atomic Ranch

Atomic Ranch hosts a fact-packed seminar and tour to show new mid-century homeowners how to revive retro.

55GEM_IMG_0233_JP-1Renovation is a trying process no matter what, but can seem especially daunting when working with a specific architectural style, such as midcentury homes.  While midcentury design continues to be popular today, lifestyles have changed and most period homes require a significant amount of updating to bring them into the new century.

Cult classic Atomic Ranch features some of the best examples of revived retro residences and tapped into their resources to bring back their wildly popular seminar and tour this year at Fall Preview.  Midcentury enthusiasts and homeowners are invited to stop by for an informative seminar with the magazine’s resident renovation expert, Palm Springs Steven Shields, followed by a tour of a successful renovation project at Sunmor Estates.

Tickets available here for the seminar and tour.