Meet The Mod Squad! December Instagram Takeovers

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Mid-century, meet Mod Squad. Get a peek at this month’s Instagram Takeover guests.

With so much to see during the eleven-day celebration of mid-century design, architecture, and culture, we’ve enlisted the help of the Mod Squad to capture Modernism Week through their eyes.

Last month, we introduced a few of them on the blog, and also learned what “modernism” meant to them when they took over Modernism Week’s Instagram. The modernist fun continues as we get a peek into the worlds of today’s most inspiring designers, bloggers, creatives, and more with our December Instagram Takeovers!


Image: eslee

Esther Lee’s body of work captures those evanescent moments that add a touch of whimsy and wonder into the every day. And the hashtag she created, #ThatColorProject, has grown into a trending gallery filled with over 44k colorful images from around the globe. This mild mannered, tree loving photographer pursued her love of photography in 2010 and has been capturing the stories around her ever since. She derives her inspiration from an eclectic mix of music, fashion, really good coffee, nature, and the occasional diamond-in-the-rough antique store.

See modernism through this wanderluster’s eyes when she takes over @modernism_week on December 3rd. Until then, get a glimpse into her magical world by following along at @eslee.



What mid-century furniture dealer and designer Summer Meza of MODERNHAUS finds most thrilling about the 60s and 70s is the multi-disciplinary experimentation of its artists, architects and thinkers. Summer doesn’t like to limit her imagination, either. From sourcing the significant and the obscure for LA and NYC’s creative elites, to textile and surface design, to fabricating her own line of furniture and designing high-end spaces on the tiniest of budgets, this mother of surfers and California native brings a grounded, earthy irreverence to everything she does.

With a particular fondness for the organic, bizarre, humorous, sculptural and lesser-known side of modernism, we’re looking forward to Summer’s takeover of @modernism_week on December 8th. Be sure to check out @modernhaus for a healthy dose of dreamy design.


Orlando Soria
Image: Orlando Soria

Creative Director for Homepolish LA by day, Hommemaker by night, and talented designer with a sharp sense of humor everywhere in between. Known for his work with Emily Henderson on HGTV’s home makeover series Secrets From A Stylist, Hommemaker Founder Orlando Soria is an interior designer, writer, and visual artist based out of Los Angeles, California. A graduate of Cornell’s University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning and The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design, Orlando has been a professional designer for seven years.

His Instagram feed (@mrorlandosoria) is full of modern design inspiration, and we can’t wait to see what modernism means to him when he takes over @modernism_week on December 15th.


Sean Woolsey
Image: Sean Woolsey

Sean Woolsey grew up making things. From sewing his own clothing to making skateboard ramps and baking bread, he always loved the pursuit of creating. What started out small matured organically and grew, but his ideals and motivation remained the same: to design and make objects that he would want in his own home, to create with friends, and to build work that could be shared with others and passed on for generations. Over the years he brought on skilled craftsmen to assist in the studio. Local welders are used to craft the metal bases for our designs and local leather workers sew each specific detail. Everything is proudly made within a 25-mile radius in Southern California.

Meet @thewoolsey when he takes us behind the scenes and into his own version of modernism when he takes over @modernism_week on December 22nd.


Image: Lust For Life

Olivia Lopez is a frequent flier based out of Los Angeles. She runs a site called Lust for Life, a journal that documents what’s emerging in travel, architecture, and design through a sun filtered perspective and a series of photo essays. She has contributed to CN Traveler, WSJ Noted and Vogue Japan.

From Neutra and Eames to Celine and Yves Saint Laurent, @lusttforlife is a stylish font of design eye candy from every era. We can’t wait to have Olivia round out the last @modernism_week Instagram Takeover of 2015 on December 29th!

Title image by eslee
Background image by MODERNHAUS