Exploring Desert Modernist Landscapes

Modernism Week’s evergreen Landscape Design and Outdoor Living series returns with more talks and tours for fans of desert living.

In California, the boundaries between what is considered outside and inside are often blurred and modernist design applies beyond the frame.  Read on a for a round-up of some of our top picks from the Landscape Design and Outdoor Living series.

TOUR: Modern Garden Tour

From minimal to super lush, this self-guided tour takes guests on a horticultural journey through beautifully designed modern gardens.  Peek behind the wall, so to speak, and experience and embrace the modern aesthetic of drought tolerant and desert-friendly plants.  Get your tickets here.

TALK: How Sunset Magazine Shaped California and the West

This is a great opportunity to pop into the Plaza Theater in Downtown Palm Springs for a lively conversation about how Sunset’s archive was very nearly lost to the landfill and how this iconic magazine has helped cultivate the modern lifestyle of the American West.  Get your tickets here.

CAMP: Landscape Design and Outdoor Living Talks

Head over to CAMP to catch almost daily landscape talks including The American Garden at Midcentury, Lockwood de Forest, Jr. Santa Barbara Proto-Modernist, Welton Becket and Ruth Shellhorn: The Commercial and Retail Projects, and Desertscaping: Past, Present, and Future.  Check the schedule to see the full listing of landscape talks at CAMP.