Shattering the Status Quo

JennAir will bring together female powerhouses during a special Modernism Week conversation shining a spotlight on the women driving change in the design industry.

The “Year of Women” continues well into 2019, as we look forward to a number of Modernism Week events celebrating women in design. Major Sponsor JennAir is committed to bringing progress to the forefront, and will bring together defiant female designers to explore cross-disciplinary perspectives on design during “Women in Design: Shattering the Status Quo” on February 16.

The featured panelists will include Jessica McConnell, senior luxury appliance design manager at JennAir; Sophia Chang, designer and illustrator; Esther Garcia, tattoo artist; and Emily Oberg, creative director and fashion designer. Art curator and writer Kimberly Drew will moderate the conversation.

We sat with JennAir to learn about this dynamic event and more. Read on!

What does it mean to “shatter the status quo?”

Demolishing the stagnant, tired conventions luxury consumers had come to expect, JennAir ushered in a new era of luxury standards with the launch of its new brand ethos, Bound By Nothing™, in March 2018. Today, JennAir continues this mission, rejecting expectation to drive progress in the category and the design field at large. For the panel, we have assembled female designers with the same rebel spirit — women who have shattered the status quo to get to where they are today: true leaders in their field.

How did JennAir put together this panel of women in design? What was the inspiration for exploring this topic?

The formation of an all-female panel was inspired by the many female designers who play an integral role in the creation of the new JennAir products including the brand’s two new design expressions, RISE and NOIR, and industry exclusive products including Burlesque, Smoke & Brass and Cuts.

JennAir is committed to shining a spotlight on the female powerhouses who are driving change in the design industry. We have handpicked four female designers — across product design, fashion, art and pop culture — who have challenged convention throughout their careers.

We are excited to hold this conversation with the backdrop of a city founded by strong women.

How did you select each of the women featured on the panel?

When identifying our panelists, we searched for rebel female designers working in interior design, product design, fashion, art and pop culture. We selected women who defy convention to drive progress, embodying our Bound By Nothing ethos.

What can Modernism Week guests look forward to during this conversation?

Guests should cast away expectations before arriving at the door. Instead, prepare for a rule-breaking exchange of ideas, ranging from the sourcing of creative inspiration to the future of design, industry trends and the representation of women in the industry as a whole. The panelists will individually and collectively dive into each of their own personal rebellions against convention.

Where else will JennAir be during Modernism Week?

Modernism Week attendees will discover JennAir in four show homes throughout Palm Springs. At the Green Gables House and the  La Vie en Rose House, guests can immerse themselves in the luminary brilliance of the RISE design expression. Simultaneously, sensuality and geometry collide at Sackley Shagadelic House and the Christopher Kennedy Compound, where the NOIR design expression will show off a daring minimalist style, perfect for luxury consumers aiming to reject dated standards of beauty.

The brand’s commanding lineup at Modernism Week also includes an exclusive, invite-only behind-the-scenes “Tour of Progress” throughout Palm Springs featuring signature homes outfitted with progressive JennAir products and a gallery-style showroom experience at the Community and Meeting Place (CAMP).