What’s New for Fall Preview

While this year’s midcentury celebration might look a little different, we’re excited to launch the Fall Preview Online Experience on October 15, 2020 at 12 p.m. PDT at modernismweek.com!
Photo Credit: David A. Lee Photography

The online video programs will comprise seven different events, similar to programs that would typically be available during Modernism Week as in-person events. Ticket prices will range from $5 to $35 per event, with two free events. Pricing allows for a household with one viewing device to participate. 

The pre-recorded video programs (detailed below) and one livestream social event will include a guided home tour series of five significant Palm Springs residences; an entertaining driving tour of Palm Springs with Charles Phoenix; “The Best of Mod with a Twist,” humorous and informative presentations about midcentury pop culture; conference sessions from “Fast Forward: Designing the Future of Palm Springs”; two new documentary-style films about the preservation of architectural landmarks in Palm Springs: “Preserving Modernism: The Town & Country Center”, and “The Restoration and Stabilization of the Cornelia White Residence” in Palm Springs, and a Zoom-based happy hour.

Tickets to all online events will be sold and viewed from the modernismweek.com website beginning October 15 at 12 p.m. PDT, and concluding October 31. Once purchased, programs will be accessible for online viewing for 30 days. 

“We are very excited about Modernism Week’s development of an online experience,” said J. Chris Mobley, Chief Executive Officer. “Since we are not able to create a live festival environment for our guests in October, the Modernism Week board of directors and staff have worked with our local partner organizations to develop new ideas for compelling virtual programs. The online programs will allow viewers to participate remotely from home and to safely share the event experiences with their family and friends, adding the flavor and fun of a traditional Modernism Week Fall Preview.”

The seven events offered during Modernism Week’s Fall Preview Online Experience include:

Photo credit: Jake Holt

1) Modernism Week Signature Home Tour Video Series
70 minutes (5 segments) /$35

This specially-produced video home tour series will allow participants to virtually tour some of the most significant homes in Palm Springs. Explore the interiors, gardens and grounds of five fabulous residences and see what makes Palm Springs desert architecture and lifestyle unique. Learn more here.

Courtesy of Charles Phoenix

2) Charles Phoenix PALM SPRINGSLAND
40 minutes/$35

Midcentury pop culture expert Charles Phoenix will take participants on a spirited video driving tour of Palm Springs, the undisputed “Mecca of Midcentury.” In addition to pointing out architectural highlights, Charles will dish on his favorite local hidden treasures, and other not-to-be-missed attractions. Learn more here.

Photo credit: Jake Holt

3) Fast Forward: Designing the Future of Palm Springs
6 hours (3 segments) /$25

This online conference is designed to raise community awareness of the importance of ensuring Palm Springs’ international legacy of architectural excellence. Don’t miss this thoughtful discussion by a stellar panel of speakers and develop recommendations for a checklist of design principles and guidelines for developers and architects as they seek to design and build new structures in Palm Springs. Learn more here.

4) Mod with a Twist: Best of Twist 2020
50 minutes (5 segments) /$15

Reprising their popular Modernism Week event, the cheeky modernists from Makerville and their amazing guest presenters will bring their slightly skewed perspective on modernism by reprising the audience favorites from the February 2020 event. Learn more here.

Courtesy of the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation

5) Film: Preserving Modernism: The Town & Country Center
Run-time approximately 20 minutes /Free viewing

Until recently, the modernist Town & Country Center (1948, Paul R. Williams & A. Quincy Jones) was under the threat of demolition. Told in a documentary style, this film chronicles the fascinating story of the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation’s efforts to save the historic complex. Learn more here.

Courtesy of the Palm Springs Historical Society

6) Film: The Restoration and Stabilization of the Cornelia White Residence
Run-time approximately 20 minutes  /Free viewing

One of the oldest extant buildings in Palm Springs, the Cornelia White Residence was built in 1893 of “recycled” railroad ties.  Using time-lapse video, the film documents the “board-by-board” restoration of the historic structure that was undertaken by the city of Palm Springs starting in the summer of 2018. Learn more here.

Photo credit: Monica Orozco

7) “Live from the Zoom Zoom Room”
October 16, 2020 at 6 p.m. PDT/ $5

Join your friends at Modernism Week and other Palm Springs locals for a fun, interactive, online live happy hour experience. Whimsical host Kellee McQuinn will welcome guests to the “Live from the Zoom Zoom Room,” the happiest (virtual) hour of the year! Learn more here.

For more information about future Modernism Week events, visit modernismweek.com, read the blog at mwkly.com, and follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.